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my passport

I Have the World: My First Passport

I’m $97 poorer, but I now have the world.

my first passport

I got my first passport in the mail today. It only took a little over 2 weeks which is very good considering they said 6-8 and i was expecting and warned that it could be months. my picture doesn’t look so mean when it has red wavy lines through it. The first thing I did was look up trips on expedia. I can fly one-way to Dublin tomorrow for $171. I considered it. I’ve never been out of the country before. Not even Canadia. but now i could go anywhere i wanted. if only I had the money. some day i hope to have the freedom to up and go on a whim wherever it is i want to be. some day i will.

2 things you probably don’t know about me (and if you do, you must be spying through my window right now).

1) I haven’t had sheets on my bed or pillowcases on my pillows for 3 weeks. I took them off to wash. I washed them and left them in the dryer. They spent a week in the basement. I then brought them upstairs and they have spent the last 2 folded in a pile on my floor. maybe i will get around to it tomorrow.

2) i love playing spider solitaire, but not in the way you’re supposed to. I play it on the easy, one suit setting. All the cards are the same spade suit. my objective is not to “win,” but to lose, to get to a point where it is impossible to go on. My objective is to get to a point where you have less than 10 cards available to play, and therefore the game won’t let you deal. This is what it looks like when I “win”:

Spider Solitaire

i quit playing and don’t even try the last set of cards if i have more than 10 left.

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