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maybe he thought it was a war movie

by Val Bromann  :::  02-19-2009  :::  Comments (1)


Wednesday night we went to Hollywood Boulevard because JoeJoe had won free ticket for eight. We saw The International because nothing else good was playing. The movie was about a couple of guys who went to a really cool museum for about ten minutes. Other than that I can’t tell you a single thing that happened int he movie. My bruschetta was good though.

Tonight Nadia and I went to see Bride Wars. We were the only two in the theatre except for a random dude. Random dude, why did you go to see a chick flick alone? You know you are in trouble when ten minutes into the movie a girl gets engaged and I cry.… Read More

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shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booty

by Val Bromann  :::  01-17-2009  :::  Comments (2)

1. Someone sang a Tally Hall song as an American Idol audition. I believe the judge’s reaction was “What kind of song was that?”

2. Yes, I am watching American Idol.

3. The new official portrait of Obama was shot with the same camera I just bought. What is good enough for the president is good enough for me.

4. Wednesday Chelsa and I went to the Blackhawks game. It was awesome because we totally dominated. And ’cause there was some good fighting. I totally failed at remembering the “name of the guy with the awesome name” from the hockey team at U of I.… Read More

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don’t worry about snowing. worry about blowing.

by Val Bromann  :::  01-13-2009  :::  Comments (3)

I really should actually book my flight to DC instead of just putting the itinerary on hold every day.

Apparently Jeff would rather sleep with Lindsay than me and James would rather sleep with a dude. :-( I

Do not let one random act of kindness blind you.

American Idol starts tonight. I don’t want to watch it but I don’t want to not watch it.

I always think I like the movie Butterfly Effect but then I watch it and it makes me feel queasy.

I think I am going to start a segment on my blog in which I rate Lean Cuisines.… Read More

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moo oink oink mooo

by Val Bromann  :::  01-05-2009  :::  Comments (1)

So apparently Barack Obama was on Check, Please!.

To those in Chicagoland, the full episode will air on WTTW twice on January 16th, again on the 18th and once more on January 20th, the day of Obama’s inauguration.


I do not remember under what circumstances I left this on Sid’s answering machine. But I did. Maybe 7 or so years ago… Why he still had this, the world may never know.

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i have a heart like the sea

by Val Bromann  :::  01-04-2009  :::  Comment

I guess this is a spoiler if you don’t watch the office. But I don’t watch the office and I already knew what happened so it probably doesn’t matter. And also I think I am the only one who doesn’t watch the office anyways…

So I’ve maybe seen 2 episodes of the office. I know I know it’s a good show but in general I just don’t watch much primetime tv because it becomes too hard to keep up. So anyways, I made the mistake of tuning into one episode the other night and it was the one where Jim tells Pam he loves her.… Read More

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