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by Val Bromann  :::  09-28-2013  :::  Comment

After six months traveling in Latin America, I boarded a flight (well, three flights) back home to Chicago. It was a bittersweet journey. Sure, I was ready to eat familiar foods, see my friends and family, be back in a city I love. But I was enjoying Colombia. A lot.

A month earlier I was very ready to return home. It was no secret that I just never got into Central America the way I got into Asia and I was just ready to be done with it.

But then I arrived in Colombia, and all that turned around.… Read More

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division to roscoe.

by Val Bromann  :::  10-24-2012  :::  Comment

It was one of those October days where you could still eat brunch al fresco. Carrot cake pancakes, a cup of coffee with cream, and a strawberry mimosa for good measure. Where you talk girl talk and boy talk and life talk and travel talk with a friend. Where you walk home, three miles, from Division to Roscoe because it is still sort of warm in that way Chicago weather seems warm when the day before was cold. Where the sky is blue. Where the leaves are orange. Where people you pass say “hello,” because that is the kind of city this is.… Read More

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Really Chicago…Really?

by Val Bromann  :::  04-24-2010  :::  Comment

Photo of a Chicago 2016 sign on 90/94 I took yesterday. Chicago lost the Olympics on October 2, 2009.

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fast and freaky

by Val Bromann  :::  07-27-2008  :::  Comment


Friday I woke up sick. Actually, I woke up all night sick and needless to say that when my alarm clock went off at 6:45 I was feeling pretty damned crappy. It really felt like food poisoning. Not fun.

Unfortunately I knew I had a big email blast waiting to go at work and I didn’t want us to have to put it off until Monday, so I got myself up and went off to work. Sick + train ride = very very nauseous val :-(

I spent most of the morning with my head on my desk waiting for our design company to fix something before I could send out my email.… Read More

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sex tour of chicago

by Val Bromann  :::  07-19-2008  :::  Comment

Have you ever been startled because you think you see a person, but it turns out that it’s just a mannequin?

Later do you ever realize, wait, no, that naked man in the corner in the cage is actually a real person?


So in typical Val/Emily fashion, this is how my Friday night plans came to fruition:

Val: Look Em, a sex tour of chicago!

Emily: I’ll get the tickets!

Really, neither of us needed any convincing that this was a BRILLIANT idea. And really I could have said any event in there and we’d both be up for it…


After work I met up with Em, her coworkers, Parker (who DID NOT bring any hot law students with him), and Julie at Cactus where we got some beers and chatted (except not with hot law students).… Read More

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  • Stuffed Fontina Port
  • Date Night Mushroom



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